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Fourth Annual Founder’s Day Ceremony in Coral Gables held on June 3 2024

At this 4th annual Founder’s Day tribute, sponsored by the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables, and hosted by the Merrick House Governing Board, guests and dignitaries were reminded of one of the primary sources of Merrick’s vision — the 1832 book by American novelist Washington Irving,

2024 Docomomo US National Symposium. It was a big deal, actually a very big deal.

The symposium brought attendees from around the U.S. to experience “one of the country’s richest collections of mid-century and postmodern architecture.”

“An Island Getaway” Fas-ee-oh Style with Andrea Taylor: Indian Creek Country Club

The Indian Creek Country Club was the prestigious setting for the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables’ luncheon that attracted a full complement of Association members and friends, the Indian Creek Village mayor, and — perhaps most notably — Andrea Taylor, the granddaughter of the Club’s original architect, Maurice Fatio.


“A Stone’s Throw Away: 100 Years of the Deering Stone House”

The affair shared the legacy of architect Phineas Paist who, aside from designing the custom-built Mediterranean Revival stone house at Deering, he also designed landmarks in Coral Gables.

Tertulia VII: Clubs Celebrate History & Music in February

Coral Gables Music Club joined HPACG to celebrate Tertulia Musical, the 7th installment of the Coral Gables Tertulia, and the talent of 19 young musicians.

Annual Meeting held at Venetian Palazzo, one of only two residences on George Merrick’s “Venice of the South” historic waterway.

The event was celebrated at the elegant home of Ajit and Maria Alicia Asrani. A big thank you to Ajit and Maria Alicia for welcoming the members of the organization to their unique 1927 Venetian-style palazzo.

Tertulia 6.0 In the Woods

Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables (HPACG) welcomed author Cesar Becerra as the speaker for the 6th installment of the Coral Gables Tertulia.

A “Sunday in September” was a day to remember as art played host to historic preservation group

Guests sipped champagne and nibbled on assorted gourmet delicacies all while experiencing the vast art collection lovingly acquired by the hosts.

Ceremony honoring Coral Gables founder was long overdue but it had perfect timing      

The date and ceremony marked three important milestones: the creation of “Founder’s Day” in Merrick’s honor; the establishment of the University of Miami by Merrick; and the commemoration of the 135th anniversary of Merrick’s birth.

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